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     Akhtala was built in the late See more


     Amaras Monastery has played a See more


     Amberd was a midcentury fort-c See more

Byurakan Observatory

The Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, or Byuraka See more

St. Gayane church

St. Gayane church was built by Ezr Catholicos in 6 See more

Gandzasar Monastery

      The building of the Gandzasar See more

Garni Pagan Temple

      Founded in 2166 B.C., temple See more

Geghard Monastery

       Founded in the IV c., m See more

Goshavank Monastery Ensemble

     Nor Getik (New Getik) was erec See more

Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral

    The cathedral was constructed by the See more

Dadivank (Khutavank)

       Founded in the I c.&nbs See more

Zorats Karer (Karahunj)

      VI mil. B.C.    &nb See more

Temple Zvartnots

     Zvartnots, a complex of struct See more

St. Ejmiatzin Cathedral

     Etchmiadzin Cathedral is the m See more


    Lastiver is located in Tavush region See more

Lori Berd

    Medieval city-fortress Lori (Lori be See more

Old Khndzoresk

     Khndzoresk, near Goris is a gr See more

Khor Virap Monastery-Fortress

     The 17th century monastery-for See more

Kanach Zham church

    Among Shushi's monuments is also fam See more

Karmravor church

    Karmravor (Ashtarak’s St. Karm See more

Kecharis monastery complex

    The monastery complex of Kecharis is See more

Halidzor fortress

     The Halidzor fortress is an Ar See more

Haghartsin monastery ensemble

     In the upper reaches of the Ag See more

Haghpat monastery

      The Haghpat monastery is situ See more

Hayravank monastery

     The Hayravank monastery comple See more

Hnevank monastery

    Hnevank monastery complex (VIIc.) is See more

St. Hripsime temple

     Hripsime church, one of the fi See more

Ghazanchetsots St. Amenaprkich church

    Real Shushi's boast is Ghazanchetsot See more

Magil cave

    Magil cave is one of the largest cav See more

Matosavank Monastery

    Matosavank is a small church hidden See more


     The monastery complex of Makar See more

Marmashen monastery

     The Marmashen monastery is loc See more

Mozrov cave

     Mozrov cave is located to the See more

Church St. Gevorg of Mughni

      In the 17th century life in E See more

Yot Verk Surb Astvatsatsin church

    The church Yot Verk (seven wounds) h See more

Noravank monastery complex

    The Noravank monastery is situated o See more

Monuments of the village Noratus

     On the shores of the Gavaraget See more

Shaki waterfall

     To the north-west from Sisian, See more

Shoghakat church

     The Shoghakat church is a mid- See more

Shushi fortress

    Shushi's fort is situated in Varanda See more

Historical sites of the village Ushi

     The Ushi village is located in See more

Lake Parz

     Parz is a lake formed by sprin See more

Jermuk waterfall

     Jermuk waterfall is located in See more

Jukhtak monastery

      The medieval group of monumen See more

Saghmosavank monastery

    The monastery complex of Saghmosavan See more

Sanahin monastery

     The Sanahin monastery is situa See more

Devil Bridge

     Devil’s bridge is locate See more

Smbataberd fortress

     The Smbataberd fortress of the See more

Sevanavank monastery complex

     Founded in 305, two churches - See more


      III mil. B.C.    &n See more

Tatev monastery

      Founded in the IV c., main ch See more

Tegher (Dgher) monastery complex

     The Tegher monastery complex o See more

Tavush fortress

     Berd town received its name fr See more

Artsakh Tigranakert

     Tigranakert is a ruined Armeni See more

Historical sites of the village Togh

     Togh (Hadrut district of Artsa See more

Tsaghats Kar monastery complex

     The Tsaghats Kar mid-century m See more

Lake Kari

     Lake Kari is located on Aragat See more

Kobayr monastery ensemble

   The Kobayr monastery belongs to a num See more

Odzun monastery

     Just south of the built up are See more

Places of interest in the village Oshakan

       St. Mesrop Mashtots chu See more