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   The Republic of Armenia is a sovereign, democratic, social, rule of law state. The state power is administered pursuant to the Constitution and the laws based on the principle of separation of the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

Official Name

Republic of Armenia (Hayastani Hanrapetoutyun)

Capital City


State Symbols:

The Flag

The law “On the State Flag of the Republic of Armenia” was adopted on August 24, 1990, by the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Armenia.

The State Flag is a rectangular panel with three equal horizontal stripes of red, blue and orange (from top to bottom).

The Coat of Arms

The law “On the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Armenia” was adopted on April 19, 1992, by the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Armenia.

It is a rendition of the Coat of Arms of the First Armenian Republic (1918-1920) designed by member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Architect Alexander Tamanian and artist Hakob Kojoyan.

The Anthem

"Mer Hayrenik" ("Our Fatherland")

The Anthem of the Republic of Armenia was adopted on July 1, 1991, by the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Armenia. It is based on the Anthem of the First Armenian Republic (1918-1920), but with different lyrics. The author of the lyrics is poet Mikael Nalbandian (1829-1866). 

National Motto:

"One nation, one culture".

Major cities:

    population (2019)

Gyumri - 113 500
Vanadzor - 78 400
Vagharshapat - 46 200
Abovyan - 44 800
Kapan - 42 300
Hrazdan - 40 500
Armavir - 27 900
Charentsavan - 20 600
Masis - 20 500
Ararat - 20 400
Ijevan - 20 400
Goris - 20 300

Official Language:  

Armenian is the official language of the Republic of Armenia.


Christian, Armenian Apostolic Church

Currency unit:  

The currency unit of the RA is dram (AMD), introduced in 1993.


2 965 300 (2019)

Ethnic composition:

Armenians - 96% 
Minorities: Russians, Yezidis, Assyrians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Jews, Kurds and others.

Natural Resources: 

Armenia is rich in copper, coal, iron, bauxite, molybdenum, gold, silver, lead and zinc. Substantial deposits of pumice, marble, tufa, perlite, limestone, basalt and salt exist. Precious and semi-precious stones are also abundant.


29.74 thousand square kilometers

Average Altitude Above Sea Level:  

1,800 meters

Highest Mountain Peak: 

Aragats (4090 meters)

Neighboring Countries:

in the North: Georgia;
in the East: Azerbaijan;
in the South: Iran;
in the South-West: Nakhijevan (Azerbaijan);
in the West: Turkey.